⚔️ Arena Championship 2: Costumes? and Title?⚔️

Dear Adventurers,

The time flies, and now the Arena Championship 2 has begun!
With this arena, you will be able to aim for a costume that you’ve never expected! Can’t wait to tell you all how it looks! (it’s DOPE😋)

But first, check out some basic info that you need to know about the new Arena Championship 2.

[ ✅ Basic Infomation ]

  • Arena Championship №2 starts on block 5,398,000 (est. Nov 13th, KST) and ends with block 5,498,800 (est. Nov 26th, KST), lasting for 100,800 blocks (about 2 weeks approximately).
  • This is going to be the last Championship to earn your entrance to the 2022 Arena Grand Finale, so don’t forget to participate.
  • New Costume will be awarded as a reward for the Championship.
  • The reward pool will be 200K NCG in total.
  • You MUST HAVE collected at least 160 medals total from previous arena seasons(Seasons 7 & 8). If not, unfortunately, you won’t be able to participate in the Championship.

[ 🎁 Reward Pool ]

The total reward pool for the Championship includes 200K NCG, a special costume, and a title for the participants. Please check the chart below!

  • There will be a separate Announcement on the costume and the title.

[ 🎟️ Ticket Updates ]

As many of our adventurers have spoken about the current ticket system, the Nine Chronicles team has made some changes to the tickets. Read them carefully before buying tickets.

  • You can buy up to 40 tickets during the entire Championship 2 period.
  • You can buy up to 8 extra tickets during each session (each refresh, or about 16 hours).
  • You will be able to use tickets with 4 blocks interval. (ex. if you have used in block 1001, you have to wait until block 1005 to use another ticket)

With new changes, we hope Arena Championship 2 will become fairer and more enjoyable for all adventurers!

Please visit our Arena Forum on Discord if you have any further questions or suggestions about Arena Championship 2.



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