⚔️ Arena Reboot: Changes with Chapter III⚔️

The arena is now regular?

🙌Slow down, Register? Off-Season?

🏆Championships and Grand Finale?

The numbers here are placeholders!!!

🏅Medals? Then bots will just dominate?

🔖What about tickets?

😮Tell me more things that are different?!

  • You can now save your Arena equipment settings, apart from your adventure inventory. You can save, and change them in the Arena room.
  • For a better Arena experience, your HP will double up in the Arena battles.
  • Elemental damage will now be in effect for Arena Battles. It’s time to think about the elements of my weapons and opponents’ armor. The extra damage will occur according to elements of each other’s weapons and armors.
  • “Miss” feature on normal attacks and skills is added to the arena, according to your ‘Hit’ stats.
  • The percentage of skill usage will now be changed. Your strongest skill will be activated first according to its activation percentage.



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Nine Chronicles

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