⚔️ Arena Season 4: Rewards Pool and other things to keep in mind⚔️

[ Timeline ]

Arena Season 4 will be with block 4,440,400(July 7th), ending with block 4,541,200(July 21st).

*Dates and blocks are subject to changes

[ Rewards ]

A Great News! Arena Reward Pool has increased! The total reward pool for Season 4 is 150K!


Hold on, and let me finish telling you how things have changed. With the Arena Reboot, more Arena will be held throughout the year. Originally, Arena was held every 1.5 to 2 months with about 240K ~ 250K NCG pool. Within the same period, the NCG reward pool has increased twice and more, totaling 700K over similar period. With the increased NCG pool, players from the bottom to the top will all get better rewards during the same period. Take a look at the below chart.

*Amount of NCGs is subject to changes (not final)

[ Other things you need to keep in Mind ]

  • There will be no week 1 and week 2, therefore, no weekly Arena reward will be provided.
  • Your rating will be accumulated for 2 weeks, without any resets.
  • Staking will be checked at the end of Arena Season.
  • As previously mentioned, there is no staking bonus on Arena rewards at staking level 1.



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