[☑️Updated]🐈‍⬛ Nine Chronicles’ NFT Project: D:CC, Pionyan Program №2

We are listening, Catcolytes!

We have heard the many voices of our community and struggles to easily understand the Pionyan Program and how to register on ‘Premint.’ The Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat has been listening 🐈‍⬛

We have made updates to the Pionyan Program №2 to accommodate opinions from the community. Please take a look at the info below.

[Updated] Requirements for Pionyan Program №2

[ Main Requirement ]


  • Join the Discord and sign up as a “Catcolyte” Role! → make sure you click on the red button
  • Anyone with a Catcolyte role, will be able to sign up to premint: https://www.premint.xyz/dcc_PP2/

Those who have the following will be added STRAIGHT to the Guaranteed Allowlist (no raffle!)

  • “Wallet address must match the one you submitted on in the premint link
  • You will gain Chat XPs from chatting on our discord channel
  • You can check your chat level on #check-chat-levels channel
  • Once you have reached level 9, the role will ba automatically given to you
  • You can invite your friends by creating links for each channel
  • You can check the number of people you have invited on #check-invites channel
  • The roles will be given manually if you have invited more than 5 friends. (meaning it could take some time)

[ Remember ]

The Pionyan Program №2 Dates (Same as before):

Start Date:

Aug 24th, 2022 09:09 PM KST (August 24th, 2022 12:09 PM UTC)

End Date:

Sept 13th, 2022 09:09 PM KST (September 13th, 2022 12:09 PM UTC)

The number of spots on the Pionyan List for Program 2 is… 1499!

[ Minting Schedule ]

The Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat is selecting a most holy time for the sacred minting date. The Raffle will take place a few days prior to minting. So, make sure you keep a close eye on our Medium, Discord, and Twitter!

More mysterious and wonderous events and announcements are to come…


Sincerely, from the oracle of the D:CC 🐾



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