[9C Announcement] In Pursuit of Sustainable Protocol 👼


This proposal and improvement plan has been posted on the
Nine Chronicles Forum as well.

[ Abstract ]

This proposal includes suggestions and plans for additional rules to ensure the sustainability and health of the Nine Chronicles’ protocol against abnormal activities, such as having an advantage in Nine Chronicles by owning multiple accounts in areas where the mainnet has unfortunately been unable to respond due to its openness.

Of the methods we are proposing, one involves utilizing the Transfer Asset action to curb those who, with or without intention, disrupt the Nine Chronicles’ tokenomics with abnormal activities. Another method includes the first stage of proposing solutions to the needless accumulation of undesirable Transactions due to the lack of a default fee for Transactions on the mainnet.

[ Motivation ]

There are various types of abnormal account behaviors in Nine Chronicles.

These various patterns negatively impact the network or token economics system, as these transactions are by-products exploiting non-existent transaction fees and openness of actions. Therefore, after repeated requests from the community and internal deliberation, we have decided to propose and implement additional rules to ensure the protocol’s sustainability.

[ Rational ]

This proposal is not intended to be a document aimed at special voting but is intended to be a document written to inform users of the reasons for our actions, the actions which will take place, and our ongoing efforts.

[ Action ]

Change in TransferAsset Action

AP Cost to be added for Shop-related actions during gameplay (scheduled for update v100380)

Adjustment of various reward sizes in the Onboarding Portal (scheduled for next month)



Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com

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