[9C] Developer’s Commentary — Part 02. Changes with Equipment in World 7

Nine Chronicles
4 min readMay 19


Dear Friends,

As a second part of the Developer’s commentary, we are thrilled to share exciting details about the upcoming changes to the equipment system in World 7. Prepare to embark on a whole new level of adventure as we revolutionize the crafting experience.

In this upcoming world, equipment will undergo a significant transformation with specialized stats and skills tailored for different game modes. Adventure and Arena modes will offer equipment that enhances specific aspects of gameplay, empowering you with strategic advantages. Skill descriptions and information displays have also been enhanced, providing comprehensive details to make informed decisions. Furthermore, we have considered player feedback and adjusted crafting and enhancements, reducing costs and introducing convenience features. With these updates, World 7 promises to be a thrilling chapter in your gaming journey. Get ready to explore new horizons and conquer challenges like never before!

[ Changes in the overall equipment crafting experience ]

🔷Providing various growth methods based on item selection

  • Previously, all users followed a linear growth structure with the same pattern of skills and stats for items.
  • Instead of everyone aiming for the same equipment, users can choose equipment with desired stats and effects to create their own combat style. It aims to create a game where strategic choices, such as setting up more advantageous equipment in specific situations, can lead to victory, rather than the player with higher equipment specs always winning.

🔷Lessening the burden of crafting and enhancing new equipment

  • The amount of blocks and materials required for crafting and enhancing equipment has been increasing in accordance with item balance, making it a significant hurdle for players.
  • We aim to reduce the amount of blocks and NCG required for individual item crafting and enhancement. Additionally, we plan to adjust the impact of successful enhancements so that the value of enhanced equipment doesn’t fluctuate dramatically based on the success or failure of the enhancement process.

[ Changes in World 7 ]

🔷Providing selective equipment crafting and usage experience based on skill meta

🔹Changes in equipment recipes

  • The new equipment will have a new crafting classification instead of the existing categories (Basic, Premium, Mimir).
  • One equipment will offer multiple crafting methods with different sub-stats.

🔹Specialized equipment for content

  • Adventure & Arena modes will provide equipment with specialized stats and skills.
  • Earth, Fire, and Water equipment: Adventure-focused equipment
    - Stat buffs: Increases the player’s stats.
    - Ignore Defense Damage: Deals additional damage that cannot exceed the opponent’s defense.
  • Water and Wind equipment: Arena-focused equipment
    - Stat debuffs: Decreases the opponent’s stats.
    - Thorn Damage: Deals damage to the opponent when hit.
  • Common effect:
    - Healing: Restores the player’s health.

🔹Enhancement of skill descriptions and information display

  • Previously, skill compositions were too simple, and the game’s UI, such as inventory and crafting, did not provide enough information.
  • With the diversification of skills, the UI now displays detailed information (effect duration, cooldown, specific values, etc.) to allow players to view the full specifications of their equipped gear.

🔷Lessening the burden in equipment crafting and enhancement

🔹Equipment in the World 7 will be provided as Legendary grade.

  • To create a new growth curve, a new grade that does not affect the existing grades will be used.
  • Changes in stat growth efficiency and NCG usage for enhancements will significantly impact the value of equipment of the same grade. A new grade will be introduced to avoid confusion between existing and new equipment.
  • For existing grades, updates are planned to provide other uses for enhanced equipment through grinding, excluding using crystals.

🔹Reasonable costs for crafting and enhancement

  • Less than half the NCG is required for enhancement compared to existing equipment.
  • Basic equipment blocks and enhancement blocks required for crafting are reduced to about one-third compared to existing equipment.

🔹Improved stat changes in equipment enhancement

  • Enhancement: All equipment stats will grow together during the enhancement process.
  • Instead of only the main stat growing during enhancement, all the stats of the equipment will grow together.

🔹Enhancement convenience features

  • Removal of enhancement failure
    Enhancement failure probability will be removed, allowing successful enhancements with the required materials.
  • Reduced variation in enhancement super success
    The environment where the value of diligently raised equipment changes significantly based on the result of a super success will be adjusted.

[ Future Development Goals after World 7 ]

🔷 Adjustment of existing world balancing

  • Considering internal standards and community feedback, additional changes will be applied to blocks, materials, and other aspects related to equipment in Worlds 1–6. The goal is to provide a more enjoyable experience for more players in 9c.

🔷Addition of Forge Points (name is not final)

  • Forge Points are obtained when using the functions of the Forge.
  • We are preparing a system to enhance convenience in existing enhancements using Forge Points.

🔷 Introduction of new enhancement methods

  • We are working on a system where enhancements can be attempted regardless of the grade of the materials.
  • The probability may vary based on the enhancement level and grade difference, but the goal is to improve the environment where previously used equipment becomes obsolete due to grade changes.