[9C Event]💎⚙️ Just Grrrind it!

Dear Adventurers,

[ ⚙️Just Grrrrind it!⚙️ ]

Dear Friends! Welcome to “Just Grrrind it!”

[ Event Period ]

[ Where to find the Special Crystals? ]

  • During your adventures, 4 different types of Special Crystal will drop from certain stages at different rates.
  • Higher the level of the stage, the more Special Crystal you will get.
  • Special crystals will only drop for stages 150/200/250.
  • No other stages will drop crystals.

[ What to do with the Special Crystals? ]

  • With the special crystals, you will be able to forge special event items.
  • There are 3 items you will be able to craft with special crystals — Belt, Necklace, and Ring.

[ What to do with the Special Items? ]

  • These items don’t have much of a battle quality but will yield a great amount of crystals.
  • Craft as much as possible and Grrrind them all!

[ How much crystals do I get from grinding? ]

  • Each item will yield a different amount of crystals according to their rarity
  • The amount of crystal you will get will also be affected by the NCG Staking: Monster Collection.
  • You will get 50K to 5M Crystals with these new items! (If you haven’t staked anything)




Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com

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