[9C Event] 🙃PBFT Anomaly, Weaker Foes! & Hourglass Event

Nine Chronicles
2 min readMay 3


Dear Friends,

At times, changes make existing things completely powerless in unexpected ways. The change in the consensus protocol to PBFT also brought unexpected results to the 9C world. 👀

News has it that the monsters dominating the 9C world are crippled with the newly updated PBFT features of v200000. 👿💦

What made them weaker? The increase in the decentralization power of the 9C world?! Whatever the reason may be, weakened enemies mean more strength to you. It’s a golden opportunity to sweep them away before they fully adapt to the new world! Take advantage of their weakness, swiftly break through the stages, and level up!

Be warned! The enemies will adapt to the new world as they always have, and our time is limited!Let’s roll out before it happens!

Let’s go, adventurers!⚔️

[ When is this happening? ]

Start: Wednesday, May 3rd, 04:00 AM UTC (Yes, Now!)

End: Wednesday, May 17th, 03:59 AM UTC

[ What’s happening? ]

📉 Monsters are weakened up to 70% (May vary in different stages)
*Only Applicable to stages 1~290

⭐ Required stars(points) for one-time stage buff are decreased by 1/3

✨ Required CPs for stage sweep are decreased by 2/3

⏳ Hourglass Event with 16,000 NCG reward pool

[ Hourglass Event? ]

We are having an hourglass event to encourage our players to craft better equipment. The top 5 players who use the most hourglass during the event period will receive a reward of NCGs. The total reward pool for this event is 16,000 NCGs. The rankings of the top 5 players will be announced from time to time separately on our Discord.

  • Hourglass usage of all characters (Max 3) per account will be counted.
  • Players banned from the portal will be eliminated from the event.
  • Temporary ranks may not accurately reflect your hourglass usage.

[ Additional Notes regarding the event ]

Many players have shared their opinions about how this update discounts all their efforts into Nine Chronicles. The event was designed as a test bed to examine the PBFT feature on the mainnet. Therefore, we would like to see as many players as possible playing the game for the designated period. Consequently, we do not plan to have another event where the game’s balance is altered. We hope you enjoy this unique chance!