[9C Update] ⚔️Championship Rewards: 🔥Fear My FURY🔥

Dear Adventurers!

I present you “FURIOSA”

🔥This Axe Will Show You My Fury 🔥

[ Rewards ]

🏅 Titles

  • Top 100 Adventurers will receive a Championship 2 title.
  • The stats of the championship 2 title will be similar to the title of championship 1

👚Costume: 🔥Furiosa🔥

  • Among the Top 1–200 players, the Top 80 players with higher NCG staking will receive.
  • Also, among the Top 1–500 players, 20 players will be randomly picked for the costume. (Will not overlap with NCG Staking reward)

✅ Notes

  • Only one character from each account is eligible for the reward. Meaning if 2 of your characters are eligible for the title, only 1 character with a higher level will receive the reward.



Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com

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