[9C Update] Premiering “Heavy Nightmare: Saehrimnir” 🐗⚔️🙀

Nine Chronicles
2 min readFeb 3


Dear Adventurers,

A heavy nightmare is making a comeback from the abyss. Saehrimnir, the eternally damned and tortured boar chieftain, has returned from the bottom of the dark pit.

[ New World Boss 🐗: Saehrimnir ]

Saehrimnir of the abyss, after consuming the dark energy from the abyss, can strengthen itself with enhanced ATK/CRI stats. It will continuously slam our mighty warriors with the newly premiered ‘Increase Critical Damage’ buff. Learn to dodge endless lethal damages from Saehrimnir. Deal as much damage as you can. I can only hope you survive. 🙏

[ When do we expect to meet Saehrimnir ]

Start: 6,002,801 Block (Exp: Feb 4th)
End: 6,053,200 Block (Exp: Feb 11th)

Once the new world boss makes an appearance in the game, the new world boss will appear 3 consecutive times. Then, each world boss will take turns. Something like this 👇

[ New Runes💎 & More ]

[ New Runes ]

Why suffer from fighting the notorious chieftain? one might ask. Here is why. The new World Boss came with 3new runes for the adventurers. Taim the power of Saehrimnir.

[ Changes to Golden Leaf Rune Stats ]

Minor changes were made to the specs of the Golden Leaf Rune.

  • Cooldown: 10 turns → 16 turns
  • Duration: 6 turns → 12 turns
  • Added ATK Option

[ Newly added “Increase Critical Damage” Stat ]

  • This will not show on your character info. You can increase with additional buffs.
  • If you have higher “Increase Critical Damage” stats, you will deal more damage with your critical hits.