[9C Update] ❄️Winter Event Dungeon: The World Horizon❄️

Winter Event Dungeon “The World Horizon” is here.

[ Features ]

  • There will be 20 stages. Each stage will have a different level. Every 5 stages will be catered to different groups of levels, the first 5 stages will be for lvl 50+, then the next 5 stages will be for lvl 100+, and so on.(this is just for explanation purposes, numbers are not exact)
  • Every day (every 7,200 blocks), 5 tickets will be refilled.
  • 3 Special “New Year Cookies” will be added, along with 3 new ingredients
  • Gaining Exp is unlimited within the “World Horizon.”
  • Along with event materials, AP potions and Hourglass will be dropping with a low chance.

[ More Details ]

  • Starting at 0.5 NCG, tickets will be sold at a higher price each time you purchase.
  • Use new food, “New Year Cookies,” with 2 stats boosts for the stage you couldn’t defeat.



Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com

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