✅Community Voting Instruction for the 2022 Arena Grand Finale

Dear Adventurers!

It’s time to make your final decision.

As we have announced earlier, the Community voting for the “2022 Arena Grand Finale” is now open. However, this time you will NOT be voting with emojis on discord. Instead, the voting is happening at “Snapshot,” and your voting power will be calculated according to the amount of NCG, WNCG, and D:CC NFT you own.

Here, you can find a more detailed version of the explanation of how your tokens and NFTs will be calculated.

before you move on to voting, there are a few things that you have to complete. Being a decentralized game, Nine Chronicles is running on its independent network. For ‘Snapshot’ to recognize your Nine Chronicles ID and correctly calculate your voting power, you will have to connect your 9C account to Snapshot via Metamask. This instruction will base on ‘Metamask.’

  • The Mobile version of Metamask does not support this function
  • You can find your JSON file from the computer that you have installed and played Nine Chronicles. The directory for the JSON file is as follows.
  • File name for JSON starts with “UTC-XXXX-XX —”

You need to type your 9C password that type in on the launcher to start the game. NOT Metamask Password!!

  • If you have completed all the steps above, now you are ready to vote!



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