[D:CC] Meet the Artist! Sangmi — Art Director of Planetarium👩🏻‍🎨

[ Hi, Sangmi. Can you introduce yourself? ]

[ What kind of work does an Art Director/Creative Director do? ]

Sangmi at work

[ How did you join the Planetarium team? ]

[ How did you decide to become a Game Artist, and now an Art Director? ]

[ What are some difficulties as an Art Director? ]

Sangmi working on Terry the Terratoma and the visualization of his growth progress
Discussion with the game development team

[ What has been most important to you recently in terms of game design? ]

Sangmi working on the D:CC PFP characterization

[ When do you feel most rewarded while working? ]

[ What is your dream? ]

Sangmi (2nd from the left) with the Planetarium founding team



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