[ D:CC NFT X Bancof] Get a Interest-Free Loan🪙 with D:CC NFTs

Nine Chronicles
6 min readApr 27


Dear friends!

We have exciting news for the D:CC community!

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Bancof, a leading banking, and financial services company, to offer a loan pool service. The partnership aims to provide D:CC NFTs access to liquidity without selling or trading with other holders.

As part of the partnership, Bancof has proposed the Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposal (NCIP), which aims to improve the D:CC economy via opening a loan pool service. The pool will allow members to borrow against their D:CCs with preferential loan terms.

[ So, what does this mean for D:CC NFT Holders? ]

Access to liquidity is crucial for NFT holders, often requiring them to sell their NFTs to secure short-term liquidity. However, selling NFTs could hurt the growth of D:CC PFP NFT if players leave the community due to a lack of liquidity. The proposed loan pool service with Bancof can help provide liquidity to community members without them having to sell their D:CC PFP NFTs.

If you need quick access to funds, you can use your D:CC PFP NFTs as collateral to borrow money. Bancof will allocate 3 ETH during a 3-month pilot period to evaluate the effectiveness of the service. (We will talk about more details in the NCIP)

In conclusion, the partnership between D:CC PFP NFTs and Bancof is a significant step towards providing D:CC holders with access to liquidity and improving the D:CC economy. The loan pool service and the proposed NCIP will contribute to the growth of the D:CC economy.

Get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level with the loan pool service and proposed NCIP!

[ Details for Bancof’s Loan Pool Service ]

*You can find more details on the proposed NCIP from Bancof
[Link to NCIP]

1. Liquidity provision

Bancof will provide 3 ETH specifically for this partnership for a period of 3 months, with a re-evaluation thereafter.

2. Lending Terms

The D:CC NFT community loan pool, which will be backed by Bancof funds, will have the following parameters: a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of 30%, an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 0%, and a loan duration of 30 days.

In addition, there will be a 30-day grace period in case borrowers are unable to repay their loans on time. During this grace period, borrowers will have the option to repay their loans without incurring any additional penalties or fees. If borrowers are still unable to repay their loans after the 30-day grace period, the loan will be considered defaulted.

*Bancof will apply a floor-based valuation

3. Limit on the Number of NFTs used as Collateral per Wallet Address

To encourage community participation in the internal lending service, we limit each wallet address to borrowing against up to two NFTs. Holders are required to repay any outstanding loans before borrowing again.

  • If a holder wishes to borrow against two NFTs but has already borrowed against one, they must first repay the existing loan before borrowing again or borrow against both NFTs at once.

4. Defaults Provision

In the event of a loan default, Nine Chronicles will acquire the assets (D:CC NFTs) from the loans generated by the Bancof-powered loan pools. This acquisition should occur within 30 days of the loan default. The loan principal will be acquired without any premium.

By implementing this policy, the community can reduce loan default risks, retain control over its NFT assets, maintain the community’s health and sustainability, and minimize losses in case of a default. It also enables the community to manage loan defaults efficiently by acquiring defaulted assets within a defined timeframe.

5. Revenue/Fee

Initially, Bancof will fund the D:CC NFT community’s loan pool at a 0% APR, meaning no interest will be charged. The pool will not generate any interest, and Bancof has no current plans to receive additional service fees from this partnership. After the 3-month period, if the community decides to implement a community internal lending service using the community’s treasury, Bancof will no longer operate the service but will continue to support it as a tool for D:CC’s official lending service. Additionally, Bancof has no plans to charge a service fee until the outstanding debt reaches $1 million in the D:CC NFTs’ internal lending service.

[ Tutorial: How to Use the Loan Service ]

If you’re a D:CC NFT holder, you can use the community loan service to borrow funds against your DCC. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

[ How to borrow against your DCC ]

1️⃣ Step One

Visit DCC Interest Free Loan Pool website: https://dcc-interest-free-loan-pool.bancof.io/public-dashboard and connect the wallet. Select which of your wallet providers that holds your DCC NFTs.

2️⃣ Step Two

Click the Home button next to the ‘DCC Interest Free Loan Pool’ of the webpage.

or scroll down to the “Go to borrower dashboard” and click the button.

3️⃣ Step Three

View your eligible NFTs and click the “Borrow ETH Now” button in the top-right corner of the webpage. Sign in to your wallet.

4️⃣ Step Four

Select the NFTs you wish to use as collateral, the loan amount, and the loan duration. Once you have everything set, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

  • Keep in mind that only two NFTs can be used as collateral at a time,
  • and any existing loans must be repaid before borrowing again.
  • Maximum loan amount is changeable and calculated as 30% of the floor price.
  • You can borrow for up to 30 days, and no interest is charged.

5️⃣ Step Five

Review all the details of the loan and click the ‘APPROVE’ button. Sign in to your wallet to allow your NFT collateral to be escrowed into the community loan pool during the loan period. Then click the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed.

Now you’ve got the instant loan! Check out the details on your dashboard by clicking the ‘Go to Dashboard’ button, and enjoy the liquidity provided by the community.

[ How to repay? ]

1️⃣ Step One

Visit the borrower page by clicking the home button on the webpage or directly visiting the borrower website: https://dcc-interest-free-loan-pool.bancof.io/borrower/dashboard

2️⃣ Step Two

Click on the loans that you would like to repay and click the ‘Pay Now’ button at the bottom right of the page.

3️⃣ Step Three

Review the loan details and confirm the payment. Click the ‘Confirm Payment’ button and sign in to your wallet to complete the repayment process.

Once you have successfully repaid the loan, you can check your previous loan history on the ‘My Loan History’ section at the bottom left of the borrower page.

[ About Bancof ]

Bancof is a no-code tool that enables native Web3 communities to create an internal loan service powered by their own treasury. This customizable tool allows communities to tailor loan parameters and manage their own loan pools based on their risk-to-return profile. With Bancof, communities can open and manage their own NFT loan services.

To learn more and connect with the Bancof community, visit Bancof’s official website and Twitter.

Official website : www.bancof.io
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Bancof_