[D:CC] Pionyan Program №1 😻

See the blue cat on top of the head?

[ Pionyan Program №1 — Requirements & Dates ]

Pionyan Program №1 starts today and will go on for 3 weeks.

Start Date:

End Date:

Requirement: You already have reached character level 50+ in Nine Chronicles

  • If you hold 1000 WNCG, you are automatically added to the Allowlist. This means you are GUARANTEED PFP minting authority!
  • If you don’t have 1000 WNCG, you will be added to a raffle with other players to be added either to the Allowlist OR the Waitlist.

[ Where to Sign up? ]

Premint link:


[ After Registration ]

  • If you have filled out the email collection form in the link below (only a few spots randomly chosen) https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com/
  • Email submission will end on August 16th! So Hurry Now!
  • If you have actively participated in various D:CC Discord Community AND Twitter activities (only a select number of spots will be randomly chosen)
  • If you have found secret notes from different Discord channels of D:CC or have been chosen through pop-up events and quizzes

[ Raffle, Pionyan List, Minting Schedule ]



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