[D:CC Update] 📯🐈‍D:CC Staking System Launch!


Greetings!, holders of DCC NFT holders,

Are you ready for endless perks and rewards?

We’re launching “D:CC Staking”🎉

[ What is D:CC Staking? ]

Visit [HERE] for Staking! : https://dcc.nine-chronicles.com/

[ When does D:CC Staking start? ]

[ What are the rewards for Staking? ]

[ What is DCCM a.k.a Mileage? ]

[ What is D:CC Mileage Store? ]

[ What is D:CC Staking Collection? ]

[ D:CC Collection for WNCG reward? ]

[ Plans for DCCM issuance? ]



Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com

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