Development Update Blog — February 2021

February was a busy month us with some exciting announcements and a few persistent bugs! This month saw us work hard on cleaning up our code to get it ready to be full open sourced. Part of our efforts in that regard was to provide an improved API for allowing more developers to start playing with our technology.

Second Livestream

On 12th February we held our second community livestream. The video was recorded and saved onto YouTube. So make sure to check it out.

Here is what we covered:

  • Quick intro to a core member of each team @ Planetarium.
  • Drawing request — art team will draw something that community requests!
  • Brief history of decentralized gaming.
  • Core API presentation, plus unveiling full open source code.
  • Milestones: what we’re working on and plan to be working on!
  • AMA
  • Showcase new costume animation.
  • Prizes giveaway!



During the livestream we announced the release of the Nine Chronicles wiki.

New Community Leaders

We invited 4 more members to community leaders. They can help to answer questions about the game.

  • @Wabbs,
  • @SoFloppy | CryptoKasm,
  • @Zaijal / TheGame910,
  • @torotoro,

The Tech Behind 9C

Earlier in February we released the first part of a series on the technology that powers Nine Chronicles. This blog dives deeper into our technology and explains why the technology might feel slow. There is a good reason and the biggest advantage is that no one can cheat!

Here are the key themes of this blog:

  • Transactions & Blocks
  • Action Power & Prosperity
  • Global Decentralized Network
  • Mining

Developer Updates

Developer updates are posted by the devs on to Notion where you can read more about upcoming features, bug fixes, and other known issues. The updates are now summarized on the wiki, so we will only cover the main details of each release here and invite you to read on Notion or the wiki for further information.

Nine Chronicles v100028 & v100029

As 100028 and 100029 were released as hotfixes in the last week of January, the originally scheduled version for that week was re-versioned to v100030.

With v100028 and v100029, we corrected the flaws in the Tx management policy. The game was suffering from huge timeouts that were caused by malicious transactions. We believed we fixed the problem with these hotfixes, although the problem persisted still until v100031.

In addition, some actions had been known to be non-deterministic, which caused some actions to fail or for the node to abnormally terminate. We fixed some of these issues but the problem persisted into v100030.

Nine Chronicles v100030

This version fixed the problem of unnecessary transactions remaining in memory or storage, but nodes still attempt to receive invalid transactions when malicious nodes propagate invalid transactions.

Further efforts were made to fix the problem of non-deterministic actions.

Behind the scenes we are working on a UI update to the Arena & Ranking screens.

Nine Chronicles v100031

Released as a hotfix on February 5th.

Nine Chronicles v100032

Temporary fix to the CDN problem. Some regions were having difficulty downloading the latest version of the game. The problem persisted over v100033, but will be fixed in v100034.

We added a tutorial to enhance the first-time experience. Translations were also improved. In addition, we improved the UI when items are being manufactured.

Nine Chronicles v100033

Improvements were made on the CDN problem; however, it was not entirely fixed.

Get in touch!

Email us at or come say hello on our Discord channel!

About Planetarium

Planetarium is a blockchain company pioneering the ecosystem for community-powered online games. Planetarium’s technology equips developers with powerful tools to create fully decentralized, cross-platform blockchain games that can live forever on networks powered by the players. The team is developing Nine Chronicles, an open source, decentralized role-playing game that launched in October 2020. To learn more, please visit




Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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