📢 Introducing the “Community Voting” (ft. Arena Season 3)

🗳️ Community Voting

Open-source and fully moddable, Nine Chronicles aims to place the power of game development back in the hands of its community. To empower the community, we would like to incorporate more of the player’s voice into the game via the “Community Voting.” Players can now easily raise their voice in the Nine Chronicles decision-making by casting their votes on either Discord and/or Twitter.

[ The First Community Voting ]

As we have mentioned in the previous article, the Costume reward for Arena Season 3 will be the topic for the very first Community Voting in the Nine Chronicles history. In this voting, you will be asked to choose

Which costume would you like to receive as a reward for Arena Season 3?

You can visit our discord or Twitter account to cast your vote. However, considering that most of the players are on Discord and the fact that anyone can vote on Twitter, the vote will be counted differently. Discord votes will be counted as 1 vote and twitter will be 0.5.

This vote will start with the Arena Season 3 and last until the very last day of the Arena. As soon as the season is over, the result of the vote will be announced on the #Announcement channel on Discord.

[ 👾 Discord ]

  • New Channel will be created on Discord: #community-voting
  • New questions will be updated regularly updated on this channel
  • You can vote via reaction emojis to show which option you prefer the most

[ 🐦 Twitter ]



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