😈 Monster Collection V2 Update💰

Let's get into more details! 🧑‍🏫

[ What’s Same and What’s Not ]

Same as before

  • You can maintain the amount you staked on V1.
  • The term for the weekly reward (50,400 Blocks) stays the same.
  • The amount staked cannot be lowered within 4 weeks (201,600 blocks)
  • You can raise the staked amount within 4 weeks. However, the countdown for reward claiming and lowering the staked amount will reset
  • You must claim the reward before raising or lowering the staked amount.

What’s new

  • You can choose the amount you stake (Minimum Requirement: 50 NCG)
  • Staking bonus at each level is at least 2 times better

[ So, What am I getting out of this? ]

Here is an example of how this system works.

*100% means the original amount without any bonus

[ Migration to V2: What to do? and When to do? ]

  • From this point on, V1, the original Monster Collection, will be only accessible from the V1 launcher.
  • After the update (v100220), for about 2 weeks (until block 4,390,272), you will be able to start or change the amount of V1 of the Monster Collection.
  • After the update (c100220), for about 4 weeks (until block 4,481,909), you will be able to claim your rewards. No rewards will be provided after that.
  • Once you migrate, the countdown (remaining time for the next reward) continues on V2.



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