Monthly Chronicles: May (Issue #001)

Dear Adventurers and all the residents of Nine Chronicles World

First of all, thank you all for joining our great community. Nine Chronicles pursues to be a community-driven game where the community is valued the most. Gratefully, we are growing larger and larger every day. We are certain that more users will join us along the way.

We think it’s very important to share what our team is working on and be on the same page with our players. So, here’s our first monthly newsletter. We hope this newsletter will serve as a way for our team to communicate with our players.

Highlights of the Month

  • Highlighted on ‘Cointelegraph’ — “GameFi: Can blockchain-based gaming redefine the industry?” (LINK)
  • Arena Season 3 was held successfully (LINK)
  • Community Voting on Discord and Twitter to decide the reward for Season 3 (LINK)
  • “Share the love” Twitter photo upload event (LINK)
  • “X3 Daily Reward Event” on Onboarding Portal (LINK)

What’s waiting for you?

There are a few things that you might be interested in reading. What updates are waiting for you in the near future? Check out the new features below! Get yourself ready for the future!

Looking for better competition? From June, Arena will be very different. Arenas will be more frequent, as in monthly, and well organized (Hopefully). Also, the arena will have tiers, meaning that in some arenas throughout the year, only selected warriors can join the battle. But don’t worry, if you are diligent enough you will make the cut.

Right now, NCG is the only currency that’s being used in Nine Chronicles. However, we will be adding a new currency system, CRYSTALS! You can earn them from your old and out-of-date equipment. So, make sure you don’t throw them away just yet (oh wait, you can’t).

Many of you asked about staking, Monster Collection, on Discord, and how expensive it is. Well, that will be an old story now. We are preparing a new staking system, where more players can stake and enjoy the fruits of staking altogether. Of course, other rewards such as the Arena reward will also be affected by the new staking system. The more you stake, the more you get. it’s that simple.

Do you remember when v100190 was released? CHAOS!!! Well, we thought it would go smooth like butter :P. But it didn’t and the whole game stopped for a full hour. First, we apologize for the inconvenience. Eventually, we did sort out things… but our team did learn a lesson not to release any updates right before the ticket is reset. Just like this case, if you have any suggestions about the game, never hesitate to let us know about it!

This month we would like to highlight the amazing creations of @Tenshi20011 and @Delope!! Aren’t they all so cute?! We wanted to spread their cuteness with everyone. Thank you so much for your love for Nine Chronicles! As a token of appreciation, our team prepared a small gift for them.

Roadmap 2022 Review

Earlier, we shared our Roadmap for 2022. Hope you did enjoy exploring our new features! Our team is always trying our best to provide a better player experience for everyone and will continue.
We did spend some time revisiting our roadmap. If you want to check out more about the recap, please visit our medium article.



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