Monthly Chronicles: June (Issue #002)

Welcome to Chapter III: The Cave of Jotunheim

‘Chapter III: The Cave of Jotunheim’ marks the turning point in the ecosystem of Nine Chronicles. This Chapter will focus on two main aspects of Nine Chronicles, sustainable economy & enhanced gaming experience. Crystal system will integrate with the current NCG to complement the game economy. Furthermore, with the renewal of “NCG Staking: Monster Collection,” “WNCG Staking” will be launching. These additions will move Nine Chronicles a step closer to a sustainable economy. The Arena Reboot and the new world, Jotunheim, will provide varieties of content to the game. In addition, the Community Support Program will promise a better implementation of players’ opinions into the game.

Highlights of the Month

  • Community Support Program launches for better community experience and participation (LINK)
  • Twitter community has reached over 100K Followers (LINK)
  • Previewnet is up and running for testing and sneak peek (LINK)
  • Sweep feature was fully renovated with more conveniences (LINK)

What’s waiting for you?

There are few things that you might be interested in reading. What updates are waiting for you in the near future? Check out new feautres below! Get yourself ready for the future!

WNCG Staking is coming soon

You are too busy to play Nine Chronicles, but you have some extra WNCG in your pocket? Why not stake them for incentives? We are Introducing WNCG Staking to incentivize WNCG-WETH liquidity providers on Balancer. More information will be provided soon.

Ready to face the “uncon-Troll-able” World 6?

Prepare your armors and weapons for the adventure to the forbidden and barren caves of Jotunheim. The new world invites daring adventures to face the uncon-troll-able challenges. Accept the challenge and fight to unearth the new world’s treasures that were never seen before.

Community Support Program is on the way!

Nine Chronicles aims to be the best community-driven game. We believe in the power of the community and its potential. Therefore, we have launched a Community Support Team to better cultivate and support our community. The application process is now in progress, and the new team will be in action starting in July.

Oppsy Daisy!!! — Looking for Mage Lily

Our dear Mage Lily went missing when the rewards for Arena Season 3 were distributed. Unfortunately, there were no traces left behind. She was nowhere to be found, along with a massive amount of AP potions and Hourglass. Alas, everyone started to panic, and our team set on an investigation for the missing mage. However, we were fortunate to locate her with all the missing rewards. A systematic bug has hidden here within the woods. Now, Lily has returned to us. She is safe now.

Hidden Gems of the Month

Did you know that OMS#0001, builder of Pandora Mod, is also developing a fantastic mini-game called “9C Runner”? You will be playing as the White Mage “Arael,” collecting coins on a side-scrolling map. Compete with other players to see who can go farther. All applaud OMS and his wonderful creation!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. We will come back with more information on each topic mentioned here. Meanwhile, join our Discord and share your thoughts and opinions with other players!



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