Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire is fully updated and ready to play!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the 2nd chapter of Nine Chronicles, The Fire of Muspelheim is fully updated. We included three major updates to enhance your experience and make the game play more interesting.

The residents of Muspelheim

Are you ready?

🗺 Muspelheim, The Realm of Fire — A new terrifying world decimated by fiery lava pits and overrun by a race of hard-skinned lizard monsters led by their king, Surt! The harsh conditions of this world have caused the natives to evolve and develop unique abilities, turning them into mighty foes! Get ready to battle against the residents of Muspelheim.

😈 Monster Collection — This update will make it possible to collect various cute monsters to earn the core fungible items of Nine Chronicles such as Hourglasses and Action Point potions, that could help you to accelerate your character’s growth within the game.

📈 Ranking 2.0 — A feature to check players’ status and gear level, to introduce multiple ways to compete your growth against each other.

Also, we attached the official wallpaper of Nine Chronicles as a gift, for all of those who have been waiting for these updates to come! 🎁

Experience the true wrath of Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire by battling the fiercest of lizard monsters and collecting powerful weapons & items! We will release the strongest monsters in incremental updates to make sure you are fully prepared for the final battle!

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