Nine Chronicles Arena Season 0 — Second Week’s Update

Coming back with the second week’s update on Arena Season 0. It’s been a tough week full of battles and a great deal of engagement within the community. All of the players were trying their best to get into the TOP 500. The tickets were disappearing real quick and more users were trying to challenge each other until the moment when aggressive boosting cases were found which exploited a flawed design of the current Arena system.

The bug that caused to deactivate the gear of the players found to be tricky to determine whether the players were intentionally abusing the system or whether everything was due to a single bug.

We have banned and excluded all the players that seemed suspicious enough and will do our best to continue monitoring the season after the bug has been fixed in v1000079.

We sincerely apologize for the issue to happen, since Nine Chronicles is one of the first games to be fully built on a custom blockchain, so there are a lot of new things to be adjusted, replaced, and learnt. We are aware that bugs are an essential part of any development, and thus do our best to determine them and fix as soon as possible!

🛑 There will be few more changes with the Arena as following:

  1. With much consideration, we decide to remove the 3rd week’s result, and extend the Season 0 by another week , making it 41, 42, 44 and 45.
  2. We will consider a multiplication of the points from week 4 and 5 on the portal if needed
  3. Medals from week 3 will still be counted normally, same for the extra ones from week 5. It will include all of the weeks within Arena’s Season 0 ( 41 + 42 + 43 + 44 + 45).

Summary & Highlights:

Matching opponents

There were 173,260 total battles and 3189 participants during the second week. The battles combined 132,239 wins and 39,711 losses.The second week started from the 2,352,000th block and ended on the 2,408,000th block. With the current situation The Arena Season 0 will have an extra week, and will finish on 2,575,999th block, approximately in the range of October 17th- 22nd, 2021.

Arena Season 0 updates will be posted on a weekly basis highlighting important issues and showing the progress at a glance. If you happen to have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us directly on our Discord channel.

Meanwhile, you still have a great deal of time to take part and challenge yourself and other players within the alpha season of Nine Chronicles. Go grab your best gear and take part in the season. If you happen to challenge higher ranked players, you will get a chance to earn medals.

Arena fight

Competitive aspect is the nature of Arena Season 0, thus all of the players are warned once again, please play fair. Everyone should have the opportunity to show their strongest gear and fight for the TOP 500.

Keep in mind that, Arena season 0 is a test version of the alpha season, and we are really thankful for everyone to be part of it and for your kind feedback on the Arena to prepare for even a bigger overhaul in the future.

Enjoy your season and have the best of luck!

We look forward to developing more #decentralized #gamefi #play-to-earn #open-source initiatives that you will be excited to be a part of! 🚀

If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and you can also visit our Discord to join our early access and learn more about the open source RPG network powered by the community!




Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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Nine Chronicles: Fully decentralized world of fantasy

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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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