📢 Nine Chronicles Arena Season 2: 224K NCG Reward Pool, Begins March 4th!

🗺 Overview

  • 📅 Season 2 starts on March 4th, 2022 (3,528,000 block) and ends approximately on March 20th, 2022 (3,640,000 block)
  • 🏦 224K NCG Total Reward Pool, competitive reward up to top 2000 players. (Total amount has been adjusted as there is Season 3 coming up in one and a half months)
  • 📈 200% more rewards are availble to Monster Collection (staking) users

👩🏻‍🔬 Preventing Abusers, Encouraging HODLers

  • The ranking reward will be expanded to the top 2000 players from 500 in season 1, and we will allocate 75% of the reward pool to competition.
  • The medal rewards will be reduced to 25% of the total reward pool. This way, even the beginners will receive some NCG, but this season will focus even more on competition, skill, and perseverence.
  • There will be aggressive bot detection methods to filter out abusers from farming NCG from the portal.

🏦 Reward for Staking

  • From this season, more rewards will be given to players using the Monster Collection feature, which can be activated by staking 500 NCGs. There will be an additional 200% reward to those who have activated Monster Collection, to a total of 300%.
  • We are aware that 500 NCG is not a small amount. So with the start of Arena Season 2, Monster Collection’s tier 1 weekly reward will change from 80 Hourglasses to 1 AP Portion & 80 Hourglasses. (The current market rate of 1 AP Portion is around 4 NCG.)
  • This is a temporary measure, and this will be further polished later on in the official staking update, along with a balance patch. We are focused on creating more utility to NCG, and focusing rewards to holders to grow our network.
  • 500 NCG staking snapshot will be taken at 3,640,000th block, which marks the end of the Arena Season 2. Activate your Monster Collection before the Season ends!

Season 2 Arena: How to Participate

  1. Unlock the arena mode after clearing level 17.
  2. Compete in the arena and get a higher rating.
  3. Use the Nine Chronicles portal to check the full standings as the data will be displayed in the portal.

Arena Season 2 Rewards

Weekly Arena Rewards

  • After every Arena week (every 56000 blocks), top players will be allocated maximum 84000 NCG, depending on their ranks.
  • There will be a total of 2 weekly reward allocations during this Season.

Medal Rewards

  • The allocation of Medals is similar to the previous season’s distribution. For every Arena battle, there is around a 30% chance of attaining a Season 2 Medal for each player.
  • After the season, a maximum total of 56000 NCG will be distributed among Arena participants according to Medals attained and Monster Collection usage. The harder you play, the more rewards you get.
  • There will be an additional 200% reward to those who have activated Monster Collection, to a total of 300%.

⚠️ Caution — Item Level Requirement wll be introduced after Season 2




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