🌟 NINE CHRONICLES Community Support Program 🌟

We are proud to announce the launching of the Nine Chronicles Community Support Program!

Nine Chronicles is one of the best community-driven games that’s out there, and we are not shy to say so. We believe in the power of the community and its potential. Therefore we would like to form a Community Support Team to cultivate better and support our community.

Community Support Team will launch not to oppress the users nor to give them disadvantages, but to help the community and make improvements here and there. Our works may not always be visible and recognized by the people but we know that one day they will prove their own value.

We won’t be able to achieve our goal with just a few amazing people. We need a cohesive team aiming for the same goal. Nine Chronicles can only exist and can exist as long as we stay together. If you are ready to accept the challenge please read this document carefully and apply for the position you desire!


Please refer to this link for details on available positions.

Lead position represents the team. Leads will be responsible for setting goals and strategies, executing and achieving goals. Leads are in charge of acquiring helpers and dismissing. Lead must participate actively in team activities and must manage the team in cooperative ways. Leads are also required to participate in weekly & monthly operations meetings.

[ Compensations & Requirements ]

  • Each lead will be compensated with 1,000 USD each month
  • Leads must engage in Nine Chronicles Project at least 20 hours per week

Helper position will be assisting the Lead to achieve the unified goal of the team. Helpers also represent the team within the 9C Community. Helpers will be responsible for assisting their team in setting goals and strategies, executing and achieving goals. Helpers must participate actively in team activities in a cooperative manner. Helpers should participate in team meetings.

[ Compensations & Requirements ]

  • Each helpers will be compensated with 300 USD each month
  • Helpers must engage in Nine Chronicles Project at least 8 hours per week


The application process is fairly simple and the same for all open positions. There are only 2 steps. First, you will apply via the google link provided below. After the internal review process of the application, we will let you know the preliminary result. Then we will set up an interview with the candidate and the Community Support Team to get to know each other better. Make sure you check out the dates below!

Make sure to check the date for the application process. All applications must be completed and submitted by Sunday, June 12th, 01:00 AM UTC. Late applications will not be considered for the recruiting process. The same application timeline will be applied to all the positions.


Please click the below link to apply. Make sure you read the questions thoroughly!

  • Make sure to use the correct email address, in case we need to communicate with you
  • Please give us a lot of details, it helps a lot in understanding you better
  • If you have any questions or doubts in filling out the form, please contact YOHO#1951 on discord



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