[Obsolete] 🐈‍⬛ Nine Chronicles’ NFT Project: D:CC, Pionyan Program NO.2 Now Open! 🎊

[ Before we begin… ]

[ Pionyan Program №2 — Dates &Requirements]

[ Dates ]

[ Requirements ]

There are 1,499 Spots on the Pionyan List for Program 2.

Requirement №1: = Behemeowth =

  • Once you have entered our Discord channel, start talking with others!
  • By doing so, you will gain ‘Chat XP Points’
  • Save up your points and reach chat level 9 to get a = Behemeowth = role

Requirement №2: = Repurrrals =

  • Invite your friends to our Discord channel
  • You can invite your friends by creating links for each channel
  • The number of friends you have invited will be counted automatically
  • If you have invited more than 5 friends, request for = Repurrrals = role
  1. Have 1000WNCG in your wallet at the time of the Raffle
  2. Have reached TOP 100 on the friends invite leaderboard

Friendly reminder onPionyan Program №1

[ Registration Process & Shortcuts?! ]

👛 Make sure you have 1,000 WNCG in your submitted wallet.

  • Since D:CC’s NFT will be sold in WNCG, you will go straight into the Allowlist if you have more than 1,000 WNCG in your wallet at the time of raffle

😻 Invite Cat-lover friend to our Discord.

  • Invite (a lot of) your friends to D:CC and enlighten them with the wisdom of our Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat. TOP 100 on the friends invite leaderboard will be listed directly on the Allowlist.

👾 Be active on our D:CC Community

  • Our merciful Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat will notice your activities on both Twitter and Discord. Leave comments on Twitter and be active on our Discord server!

🔐 Find secret messages from the Cosmic Cat God the Grrreat

  • Throughout our messages, there are hidden messages from the CCGG itself. Find them, decode them, and be rewarded.



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