Nine Chronicles Raises $2.6M Growth Round Led By Animoca Brands 🎉

  • We raised $2.6M USD to scale the Nine Chronicles network to millions of users, build exciting content with novel token economics, support our ecosystem with developer fund and new governance programs.
  • Growth partners joining this round include Animoca Brands, Divergence Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Sfermion, Hypersphere Ventures, SkyVision Capital and notable angels such as Axie Infinity Co-founder Jeffrey Zirlin, Aave CEO Stani Kulechov, and The Sandbox COO Sebastien Borget.
  • Massive Growth: 850% DAU growth in Q2 with half a million NFTs crafted by the players. 2000+ nodes powering the network daily.
  • Wrapped NCG coming to Ethereum: MISO IDO on Aug 10th, trading starts on SushiSwap on Aug 17th.

🧙🏼The humble beginning

It all begins with a sketch…
Adventures stored on “blocks”, drawn by JC in 2018.

⤴️ The massive growth

Our brave community facing decentralized gaming
  • 10000+ NCG holders
  • 2000+ Full nodes powering the network daily
  • 2,500,000+ Battles processed on-chain
  • 500,000+ NFTs crafted by players
  • 80,000+ NFTs traded on in-house decentralized marketplace
Monthly active users since the network genesis on October 27, 2020

🏋🏼‍♀️ The Raise

🚀 What’s next?

  • PvP arena reboot (discuss on Discord)
  • Collaborative missions and events
  • Crafting rework to increase variance and rarity
  • Cross-chain NFTs on Ethereum
  • More stages and recipes 🍕
  • Crystals: new inflationary currency from dismantling items
  • Long term incentives for high tier players
  • Market/blacksmith fee recycling
  • Increase energy usage and introduce ways for miners/validators to earn them by processing transactions
  • Nine Chronicles Mobile
  • RPC game client: currently everyone playing Nine Chronicles is running a full-node of the chain. RPC clients will connect to other full nodes — will make the initial loading instantaneous, and reduce delay across the network
  • Proof of Stake network migration
  • Hire exceptional talent: already on our way, can’t wait to share more news soon!
  • More grants for open source developers working on NCIPs
  • Governance features

🍣 Join Our MISO IDO on Aug 10th!