Nine Chronicles World 5 Update, New Stages: 241–250 🗺

The end of 2021 is around the corner and with it comes the final part of our journey into Muspelheim. Did you manage to survive the fiercest monsters from the previous stages? If so, during the Holidays you will face an even harder challenge! Each stage will get more difficult as you progress deeper into the dungeon and in the final battle you will meet the 5th World Boss, Surtr. Excited yet?

To help you reach and defeat Surtr, the blacksmith has prepared new, powerful items to craft! The next 10 stages, 241–250, will be available today December 23rd , 2021. Let’s get started 🚀


🗺 World 5 update: New Stages 241–250

🛠 Introduction of new equipment

😈 World 5 Boss: Surtr

🗺 The map of Muspelheim: Stage 241–250

With this update, 10 new stages will be unlocked starting from 241–250 and it will be the last stages of Muspelheim.

🛠 Equipment

Once you clear level #243 you will be able to craft the following items:

Mana Ring — Wind (Basic)

Mana Ring — Wind (Premium)

After clearing the level #246 you will be able to craft:

Hermes’ Clothes — Wind (Basic)

It is said that the clothes have been designed by Hermes, the God of Thieves. The magnificent brooch on the belt adds to the glamour. The bandana around the neck is useful for covering up one’s identity. Fitted for moving quickly by tightening the fluttering costumes with leather belts.

Hermes’ Clothes — Wind (Premium)

After clearing the level #249 you will be able to craft five new Unique necklaces. Each one of them comes with different stats so players can tweak their character in the direction they need.

Warrior’s Necklace — Fire (Basic)

Warrior’s Necklace— Fire (Premium)

Warrior’s Necklace — Water (Basic)

Warrior’s Necklace — Water (Premium)

Warrior’s Necklace— Land (Basic)

Warrior’s Necklace — Land (Premium)

Warrior’s Necklace — Wind (Basic)

Warrior’s Necklace — Wind (Premium)

😈 World 5 Boss: Surtr

The ruler of the land of fire, Muspelheim, Surtr is finally coming up within this update. Prepare your most powerful equipment, otherwise you won’t survive this massive powerful creature. Get trained for the final battle against the Boss.

Hurry up!

The first player to defeat level #250 and share the proof on Twitter and Discord will get an exclusive Nine Chronicles NFT - the first of its kind from Planetarium on an OpenSea. Don’t forget to add #Surtr #NineChronicles hashtags when sharing.

Get ready and strive for the best!

This will be the last update within this year and the game has come a long way from where we’ve started. We will appreciate it a lot if you try out our brand new stages in the 5th World and leave us feedback. Share your experience either in a post or in a video! We would be looking forward to checking out your creations.

Last but not least, we would like to wish every adventurer a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Year. We hope to see you all fresh and excited for the new endeavors within Nine Chronicles in the upcoming 2022. Stay safe and enjoy your holidays! Cheers 🎅




Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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