🧹Sweep Improvements & Daily Play Reward💰(ft. v100200)

[ Added Features to the Sweep ]

[ AP Control ]

You can now use only a portion of your current AP. This means you can choose from 1~24 sweeps.

[ No more naked sweeps ]

Each stage will require a minimum CP to run the sweep function. So, you will need to have an adequate set of equipment to run the sweep. Required CP will appear on the sweep window.

[ And TBU — Sweep current stage]

Sweeping current stage function will be updated in the later version of the game. We hope it will be added soon. Fingers Crossed

[ Daily Reward still x3??? ]

Many of us have enjoyed the x3 Daily Play Reward.



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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com