📢Sweep Update: We’ve got no time for this!(ft. v100190)

Dear All,

Surprise! Surprise! A new function has been updated with the v100190 release. Have you tried the sweep function already?

Battle > Waiting > Drink AP Potion > More Waiting > Battle > More & More Waiting > Drink AP Potion > More & More & More Waiting ….

We are all tired of going through the same old routine when collecting materials for crafting. Now, the newly added “Sweep” function will ease up your labor.

[ Overview ]

  • Applicable to stages already cleared with 3 stars


  • You can only use the total amount of your remaining AP points. This means that you cannot only use part of your AP Points. 0% or 100%.

Hope this will make your life easier.
If you have more questions, meet me at Discord



Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com

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