📢Sweep Update: We’ve got no time for this!(ft. v100190)

  • Applicable to stages already cleared with 3 stars
  • Remaining AP ponts+ Up to 10 AP Potions at one go (meaning max 264 battles at once)
  • You can only use the total amount of your remaining AP points. This means that you cannot only use part of your AP Points. 0% or 100%.
  • While leveling up during the sweep, the Exp points will be given accordingly. The amount of Exp points will vary even within a single sweep.
  • Cannot use consumables during the sweep
  • For Mimisbrunnr, the sweep will not be available. Boost is still in use.



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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. https://nine-chronicles.com