📢Updates: Item level requirements, Item drop locations, and more!

Nine Chronicles
4 min readApr 8, 2022


Dear Adventurers and all other residents of Nine Chronicles World,

New updates will be added to the game. Let’s check out what the update is about.

📢 #01. Item Level Requirements

As we have mentioned earlier, level requirements for items will be added to the game, meaning that each item will have a minimum level requirements to wear. This update will be in effect starting sometime next week with the v100170 release. Be prepared!

What is the level requirement?

Currently, all items in Nine Chronicles have no level requirements. Meaning one can equip any item without level restrictions. The item level requirement system was originally intended to be embedded in the game. However, it was delayed for many reasons. Without the requirements, players were not able to fully experience the game the way it was originally intended. For example, equipt with an “over-spec” item bought from the market with a small NCG investment, players were able to brisk through the lower stages of the game. Therefore, most of the items on the market had values close to zero, and efforts for crafting and upgrades became meaningless.

What will be different after the update takes effect?

🛑 Item level requirements

With the update, all the items will have a minimum level requirement to equip. Unfortunately, in some cases, items have to be taken off to play the game any further. Your items are not going anywhere. Just take them off from your characters and store them in your inventory until you have reached a sufficient level.

🪙 New demands and Supplies.

Currently, there are thousands of 1 or 2 NCG items on the market, making up nearly 80% of the proportion, which means it was very difficult for users to create profit from crafting and selling. However, with the level requirements, there will be more demand for lower-level items with more varieties of specs. Or there will be new demands for crafting purposes. Eventually, the update will revitalize the market system and propel the Nine chronicles economy towards a more autonomous economy as it was originally intended.

❎ No sudden level jumps

Until now, with a very small amount of NCG investment, players were able to purchase superior items with no restrictions, then slaying everything on their way to the next level. Residents of Nine Chronicles were not designed to be defeated so easily. The game was delicately balanced and was meant to make the player come up with creative strategies. Moreover, Arean will be fairer, in the sense that each player will be participating in the Arena with a relatively similar level of equipment. The update will let players experience the Nine Chronicles more closely and deeply.

📢 #02. Item Drop Location

Have you had a problem when you had to go back and forth between the blacksmith and the world map to find where all the materials are? Why can’t we make it a little bit easier for you?

In this update, you will be able to easily check where the materials are being dropped. Check the location from your inventory and go get them! MORE FARMING AND MORE CRAFTING AWAIT YOU. Hopefully, there will be more useful utility updates on the way.

📢 #03. Onboarding Portal Updates

As many of you have already seen, our Onboarding Portal has been updated. Categories and the amount of NCG awarded are adjusted. A new award scheme for Newbies was added. Let’s take a look at the details.


  • You can now earn 0.1 NCG on daily bases. Just play the game, it’s that easy.
  • This reward was newly added to compensate players who are enthusiastic about the game with relentless efforts, a little token of appreciation for visiting the Nine Chronicles’ world every day.

🤩 Welcome Newbies, and “Newbies Only” 🎉

  • To promote more newcomers to enter the Nine Chronicles’ realm, newly joined adventurers to the 9C world will be rewarded according to the new reward scheme. Simply level up your character to claim rewards.
  • Newly Joined = New IDs created from April 7th, 2022 03:00 AM UTC (April 7th, 2022 12:00 PM KST)