WNCG on OKEx, Gate.io, SushiSwap / IDO Raises 2934.6 ETH

Dear Adventurers,

Nine Chronicles has successfully completed the next phase of growth through our MISO IDO. During the week, a total of 1715 people participated and 2934.6 ETH was raised.

We are truly humbled. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine so much support for the open source, community powered gaming network we started building since 2018. Empowered with so much love, we are working our day and night to build, hire, and share. Thank you all for participating and supporting us 🙏

📈 First CEX Listing on OKEx and Gate.io

We are excited to announce that WNCG will soon find a broader audience through the first CEX listing event occuring on OKEx and Gate.io at Aug 17th, 1AM UTC.


OKEx is a world-leading digital asset exchange that provides advanced financial services. As one of the most popular online cryptocurrency exchanges, it has over 221 listed coins for trading.

WNCG/USDT pair will be available for trading at OKEx at Aug 17th, 1AM UTC.


Gate.io is a digital currency exchange platform operating since 2013. With over $500m reported daily trading volume, it ranks number 13 at CoinGecko’s cryptocurrency exchange list.

WNCG/USDT and WNCG/BTC pairs will available for trading at Gate.io also at Aug 17th 1AM UTC.

We are notifying the community that to provide stable liquidity for WNCG, we are unlocking the reserve allocation of 30M NCG from the distribution. The tokens will be exclusively used for WNCG liquidity provision on exchanges and serve no other purposes.

🍣 Trade on SushiSwap

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to trade trustlessly, peer-to-peer, with liquidity that is supplied by other users.

The WNCG token is now available for trading via SushiSwap starting now at August 16, 2021, 0AM UTC. SushiSwap has a WNCG/ETH pair live on the site for token buyers. When participating, ensure that you are buying the correct WNCG token address which can be found at CoinMarketCap.

🚰 Join SushiSwap Liquidity Pool

You can find the liquidity pool for WNCG/ETH pair on SushiSwap here:

We will soon have WNCG/ETH pair on SushiSwap’s “2x Rewards Farm”, which is a bonus scheme that allows users to earn rewards in SUSHI and WNCG tokens for depositing and keeping the required cryptocurrencies on SushiSwap. WNCG joining the “2x Rewards Farm” will take 48 hours to set up, and we will share the community with more instructions in the coming days!

Legendary Title NFT for MISO Participants

Last but not least, to express our gratitude we have prepared an exclusive NFT for MISO participants. So far, less than 100 copies of “legendary titles” have been created for our presale participants in 2020. Now MISO participants will be able to show off their participation in the landmark event in the Nine Chronicles history. And of course, these title NFTs are fully tradeable.

These NFTs will be distributed via the onboarding portal in the coming week — you will get a redeem code for the legendary title once you authenticate your ETH address on the portal. In the coming week we will also provide game activation keys on the portal so that MISO participants can skip the long wait, join as a Nine Chronicles node, and start playing, earning, mining NCG.

What’s Next?

This is definitely the most exciting moment at Nine Chronicles as we are starting to realize how much more we can reach with such strong community support and power you have given us. This also means that we have bigger expectations to fulfill. We are working our best to bring the vision of decentralized games and economies owned by the community into reality.

Our major focuses are:

Also on our way:

Refer to our roadmap for more exciting adventures ahead!

Final remarks

We are happy to deliver so many news to our community today. Once again, thank you all for backing the Nine Chronicles team.

We will continue to work on expanding Nine Chronicles beyond our initial vision, to reach mass adoption while keeping our network truly decentralized and community owned. We are happy to begin the journey with now 10,000+ NCG holders.

More news will be released in upcoming weeks! Don’t miss any updates by subscribing to our Medium, Discord and Twitter channels.



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